Banquet Hall Jabalpur



"Anand Karaj"- A place to celebrate, the magnificent banquet hall looms large in the central place of Vijan Mahal. Grand and glamorous, the venue has elegance unparalleled with exquisite decor and furnishings. The glittering chandeliers loom high imposingly overhead amidst striking frescos that adorn the dazzling roof.

The fourteen thousand square feet hall is ideally suited for weddings, august gatherings, ceremonies, events and extravagant feasts. One Thousand invitees can be accommodated for events. The five star facility is well equipped for gala events that demand the best in decor, service and amenities.The hall can be partitioned into three for smaller events.

The spectacular banquet hall “Anand Karaj” exudes an aura of grandness - royal elegance personified. The imposing floor to roof glass panes, impressive doors leading to the podium lawn and pool all impart majestic ambiance and compliment the resplendent interiors. No place exists like Vijan Mahal for a celebrity function in India.

As experienced event planners we organize, plan and flawlessly execute functions like marriages, parties, ceremonies and mega event with characteristic aplomb and fineness. Contact our planners for your event.


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